Happiness 42 is a brand from Shanghai studio team which is famous for LGBT events, located in No. 42, happiness Road, Shanghai Changning French Concession , hence the name Happiness 42. 
With the happy red Asian style decoration, happiness 42 chooses a different mode of operation, charming lighting, soothing music, nice wine, fly one’s own colours, lively and quiet. You can sit at the bar to enjoy self time, or a group of friends gather and share your own happy time, this is happiness 42, we can give you the feeling of happiness. 

Happiness 42 is designed as two layers, there are the big rectangular bar counter, cassettes, dance floor, DJ booth. In addition to the supply of all kinds of cocktails and other drinks, a private custom brand Be My Guest which is created by the Studio Shanghai team is also hosted here, we undertake any custom dinners, parties, birthday parties, weddings and other activities. 
Happiness 42 organizes all kinds of LGBT culture events without day, and we can be customized according to the needs of the exclusive private party. In our professional service spirit, Happiness 42 has successfully hosted dozens of single gay dinner, wedding, birthday party and other parties. Kinds of party activities and flexible customized services make Happiness 42 become the preferred bar for entertainment in the LGBT groups at home and abroad! 

Happiness 42 – New ideas of consumption for gay bar, Customize your own private excellent party! 
Happiness 42由上海著名的LGBT活动品牌Shanghai Studio团队打造,坐落于上海长宁法租界幸福路42号,也因此得名Happiness 42。
以亚洲幸福红风格装潢的Happiness 42选择了独特的经营方式,迷人的灯光、舒缓的音乐、可口的美酒,独树一帜,闹中取静。或一人独坐吧台享受自我时光,或三五好友欢聚一桌交流你我,这都是happiness 42能给你的幸福时光。
Happiness 42设计为上下两层,长方形大吧台、卡座、舞池、DJ台坐落其中。除了供应各式鸡尾酒等酒水外,Shanghai Studio团队打造的私人定制品牌Be My Guest也在此举办,我们承接各种定制晚宴、聚会、生日派对、婚礼等活动。 
Happiness 42不定期举办各类LGBT派对文化活动,并可根据需求定制专属私人派对。在我们专业的服务精神下,已成功举办了数十场同志单身晚宴、同志婚礼、生日派对等。精彩丰富的派对活动和灵活个性的定制服务让Happiness 42一跃成为国内外LGBT群体的娱乐首选场地!
Happiness 42 – 同志酒吧消费新主张,定制属于你的精品私人派对! 
20:30 – 02:00
仅周五/周六/节假日营业 | Opened Fridays, Saturdays & Holidays Only
+86 21 5230 0097
上海市 长宁区幸福路42号, 近法华镇路
No.42 Xingfu Road, by Fahuazhen Road, Shanghai, China
happiness 42 by Shanghai Studio Copyright © 2016